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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Re-purposed Round Up

These little coin purses are made from milk cartons. You can get the tutorial at Cut Out + Keep.

Make a wrist support pillow out of an old shirt sleeve (from Kelly Georgette)

Elephant Purses made from old sweaters. There are actually quite a few examples of these floating around. I think they're awesome. I love bags and my son is really into elephants so he'd probably love if I made myself one of these.

Monica Wants It has some great makeovers, starting with some pretty gaudy stuff and making it chic. This is just one of them:

Monica Wants it also has a tutorial on making some folder holders out of Priority Post office boxes (left)

I did a similar thing years ago with cereal boxes for my scrapbooking stickers and things (right). Sorry, I probably should have straightened them a bit. I'm usually more organized but I've been crafting a lot and you know how it goes.

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