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Friday, May 9, 2008

Cloth bags: store incentives

Today, I called around to the stores in my area to see who gives discounts for using cloth bags over paper or plastic. Included in my local stores were:
  • IGA

  • Hen House

  • Price Chopper

  • Hy-Vee

  • Sun Fresh
Everyone I asked, except for Price Chopper gives $.05 to $.10 per bag used if the cashier's told up front that you have them.

Price Chopper, however, does give $.05 for paper bags that you reuse on your next visit. What is that about Price Chopper? This is unacceptable. I know where I won't be doing my main shopping. Frankly, I never liked Price Chopper anyway. I hate the whole Chopper Shopper card that I always seem to be without, whether I left it at home, or left the keys in the car with my husband. I never seem to have it and thus I do not get my discounts.

On top of that, Price Chopper does not double coupons. It's apparent they they do not care about the environment nor do they care about their shopper's pocketbooks.

Yes, I will be contacting them and I ask that you do as well. Here's the link. If these are not your stores, then I suggest contacting them and seeing what their policies are.

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