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Monday, July 21, 2008

No More Q-Tips!

If you're like me, you make it a point to watch Oprah every time Dr. Oz is on. Awhile back, they did a show in which Dr. Oz mentioned that:

85 percent of respondents to an poll who said they use cotton swabs to clean their ears Dr. Oz says you may as well be "taking a muzzle-loader and shoving it in there.

He went on to explain that:

Wax is the sweat that the body deposits in the ear lining," he says. "When our ancestors were walking along in the sub-Saharan desert, the dust would get caught like an insect trap and prevent it from getting into your eardrum. When you take this cotton swab and you start shoving that wax into your eardrum, you risk not only blocking off the pathway, but you also risk perforating—making a hole—in your eardrum which is just a millimeter thick.
So, instead of Q-tips, he says we should use mineral oil to melt away any wax build up we have in our ears. The way I see it, this is a few million less things we have to worry about throwing away everyday. Though small, they add up. Yes, the mineral oil does have a bottle to consider, but odds are that the bottles are recyclable, unlike used cotton swabs. Better for your ears and better for the environment.

As far as the dampness that so many people hate feeling in their ears, use a towel like you do with every other part of your body.


Rhianna said...

Hi! I found you on Blogexplosion and have been reading your blog for a few months now. Never, ever commented. But todays post pulled me out of lurker status.
Isnt there an exception to the no Q-tips rule? Bc my ears itch when I dont use them. And a towel doesnt cut it!!!
There arent any recyclable Q-tips?

callmekelly said...

Q-tips® Cotton Swab brand are biodegradable when composted. There are also organic cotton swabs, like Organic Essentials, that are made of non-pesticide treated cotton. They are "packaged with recycled and recyclable materials" as well. So to answer your question, there are options. I just mentioned the story because as dependant as we are on cotton swabs, we really don't need them. It's actually better for our ears if we phase them out altogether. However, everyone has their things they don't want to give up. I understand that and I'm glad you asked the question.