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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilted Northern Plush...Really?

I was in the store the other day and saw that Quilted Northern has come out with a 3-ply toilet paper. 3-PLY! Really Quilted Northern? Did someone ask for this? Just when everyone else is going green, you decide "hey, it's only a few more trees, right?" well, wrong. You can contact them here if you want to complain. The "contact us" button is at the top, in small print.

Officially, the site says that
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 3-ply tissue uses about the same amount of raw
fiber per roll as the original Quilted Northern Ultra 2-ply tissue.
Just note the word "about". That's pretty vague if you ask me. Of course, they might say that because the roll appears to be shorter as far as width, not length, so maybe that's how they justified it. Either way, I think this sends a bad message. Over-indulgence is the problem in the first place. If 3-ply goes over well, then they'll all do it. We have to send the message that what we care about is the planet. If we want decadence in a toilet paper, we'd just use a cloth. I mean, honestly, 3-ply is just too much.

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Anonymous said...

I tried this toilet paper, and although I like high-quality toilet paper, I think its deceitful when a company like Quilted Northern Ultra puts out a high-end product, and cut the size of the role by 1/2 an inch. You go through the role twice as fast! Its just wasteful, and the 3rd ply is just a waste. Marketing their product as a high-end plush product, while giving you less toilet paper, is just bad business.