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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have fun with old records

So, this all started with Christmas. We wanted to recycle something to give to our "green" friends and I happened to find instructions on how to make a vinyl bowl. So, we did and it was super easy! My husband made the one to the left.

I then started looking around the web and found that there are tons of projects to do with old vinyls.

I know some people are firm believers that you should only use things one way and might be horrified by the idea of doing anything with records, other than playing them. Well, I understand and yet I'm a very practical person.

If you have records sitting around, not being played, maybe they're scratched and not worth any money; then isn't it better to get some kind of use out of them, than to leave them with no purpose in the world?

Just be sure, that if you are going to recycle them, please use all the material that you can. That means using the jackets and sleeves as well.

You can use the cover art for tons of things. See instructions for the bag here. See some more examples, as well as many other cool eco products at Eco-artware.

While the site is super cool, some of the things are a bit to pricey for me. I'd much rather make things myself anyway, but that's just me.

This post only shows a few of the many things you can do, but I'd love to hear your ideas too.


Political Realm said...

Very cool. I especially like the bowls. I'll have to try that.

lu-n-am said...

I have tons of records and a record player here in my apt. I like some of these ideas, although It would have to be a pretty god awful record for me to reinvent it. Thanks for sharing with us!