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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to do with old Calendars

So, I've been looking for things to do with old Calendars because I have a Dexter Calendar that I love and don't want to throw out even though it's old. Now I could save it and re-use it years from now. Find out more on that at Wise Bread. He tells you which old calendars can be used this year, etc. He also has a lot of great articles on saving money, just so you know. Time and Date also have the facts, but just the facts on what years line up with what.

Bookmarks and magnets are obvious choices and I'm guessing you can imagine ways to do those. I know because I make and sell bookmarks and magnets. So, that's the last thing I need. No, I want something more unique.

Over on Making Friends there are a couple good ideas:

Use them as cone party favors. Of course, I wouldn't use my Dexter calendar for that unless it was a Dexter party, but if you had something more appropriate, I could see that being fun.

Placemats-Laminate and voila!

Decoupage- you could do this on anything but a tray collage was suggested.

Gift Wrap and/or Gift Tags- While I would love some Dexter gift wrap, I don't know anyone else who'd love it as much as me.

Puzzles- they've got plain puzzle pieces now that you can glue any picture to. I haven't found that these work too well though.

Frame it- this would be good except that I do so many craft projects to hang, I'm running out of places to put things.

Journal cover- this is an option I suppose, but that's 1 or maybe 2 pictures.

Personally, I haven't found what I want to do yet, but maybe these ideas will come in handy for you guys.

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