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Sunday, June 28, 2009

This weeks crafty round-up

Reusable Washable Swiffer Covers, CraftBits also has a different version. I'm so glad for this idea because I cannot stand Swiffers pads. It seems like you have to replace them too quickly and it's just too wasteful so I had mine sitting, unusable...until now.

This gives a whole new meaning to Table Art. Personally, I think I'd knock out the backing and flip the painting over in the frame so the molding faces downward, but I still like the idea.

Amalia Versaci Zipper Jewelry

Soda Can Tab Belt- This isn't the greatest picture but they do give close-ups of how to connect the tabs. It looks fairly easy.

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Elizabeth Barrette said...

I really like the reusable duster covers.

I have added your blog to the Links list (under Environment and Homestead categories) in Gaiatribe. Feel free to link back if you wish; I suspect we have audience overlap.