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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some history on me and my purpose

Okay, just to give some background on me and why I’m going green. I am a new mother, and though I was mindful of environmental issues before, everything seems so much more important now. I believe that when you have children, you have a responsibility to leave the world a better place than when you got here. Of course, you should do that anyway, but when you contribute to the world’s population, you are making a real commitment to the future.

Turns out it’s easy to go green when you grew up poor. My family was very big on turning off the lights to “save a buck”. We bought most everything secondhand and lived by the idea that you waste not, you want not. This is definitely still ingrained in me today. I love to go to garage sales, I’m a big wheeler dealer. I have always saved paper scraps, to my husbands chagrin (he thinks I’m a pack rat, which I’m not). I’m just mindful of wastefulness but never so much as since I had my baby. He is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

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