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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stop the paper!

I don't know about anyone else but I'm so sick of getting so many phone books and so often. I swear it seems like they come every month. I'm going to try stop getting them. Please let me know if you know how.

I've already stopped getting the newspapers and I don't buy magazines. To tell the truth, I don't even buy books. I go to this thing called a library. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like enough people take advantage of it anymore. It's like a second home to me. I also get audio books, movies and CD's there. They really do have a wide selection of entertainment. You'd be surprised.

Occasionally, I go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and read magazines off the shelves. Any books I do own, I pick up at garage sales. Then I exchange them at a local book store or sell them on-line. If you're in the KC area, I have quite a few good tips on where to go to get books because I used to be a used book dealer.

I just love books! Newspapers and magazines I can live without. Any information I need I can get off the internet.

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