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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Diapers-- my embarrassment

Everyone has their thing that they are unwilling to give up, whether it’s a long shower or your gas-guzzling car. Mine, and I’m truly embarrassed to say it, is disposable diapers. I know, that’s a huge deal and I feel bad, but I can’t see using cloth diapers. I do have my reasons, but I'm sure no one likes to use them so I'll spare you my excuses.

That being said, I have written Pampers (my brand) and asked about recycling their packaging. I then wrote asking about another matter, I forget what, and both times I received the same email in response. It was a link explaining what P&G products are doing to make their products more environmentally friendly.

So while I'm completely upset that they keep blowing off my actual questions, I'm glad to see that they're thinking about the issue. Their auto-response for the question must mean that they are getting asked this question often. All of which is good.

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