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Monday, September 29, 2008

A great site and some not so great ideas

Sorry it's been awhile. Turns out raising a kid is time consuming. Who knew? Anyway, in my few spare moments, I did find this new site that I love. It's called Recycled Crafts and it has all kinds of great ideas on turning "trash to treasure". Some posts include Crushed Can Art! and Can Lid Magnets, which especially appeals to me because I make and sell magnets.

Now I know they have a post as well as many other places about making your own candles. This, I have not tried and don't think I will after my ordeal with soap. I tried saving soap shards and then molding them into new shapes. It was not a success for me to say the least. The soap just ended up melting the molds and running everywhere. Apparently this is not my thing.

Another thing I am not good at but really wish I was is sewing. I have tried making my own clothes but it never works out. I have made voodoo doll pin cushions, stuff that doesn't have to be perfect and those are okay. I just envy these people who can sew so easily because I know I'd do it all the time if I was any good at it. Oh well, I might give it another go if I ever have the time.

I'll try and post again soon, but until then, check out that site--it's really good!

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