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Saturday, September 13, 2008

This, not that

My husband and I went out with some equally environmentally conscious friends the other day and they mentioned that we should take the stairs instead of the elevator. It may sound completely stupid of me, but I'd never thought about the energy the elevator takes. It's just one of those things you're so used to doing without thinking about; but now I know and can't blame ignorance any longer. So, I'll be taking the stairs from now on. It's not like I can't use the exercise anyway.

Another thing we may not think about but you should really use the microwave over the oven--it uses much less energy.

Use plastic milk containers over cartons because the plastic can be recycled and the wax cartons cannot.

Speaking of milk jugs, Family Fun has some interesting ideas about re-using them for Halloween, among other things. Check it out here.


Hyla Waldron said...

I love your blog and I am adding it to my daily reads! Ill be back!

lu-n-am said...

What a neat idea to use the milk jugs as Halloween lights!