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Monday, November 3, 2008

Composting Toilets

Again, Bill Nye turned me on to a new electric flush, water saving composting toilet. After doing some research on-line, I've seen that there are an array of choices depending on how committed you are or perhaps how affordable the toilet may be. Just keep this in mind, the composting toilet only costs around $4,000 compared to a septic tank which was said to run around $20,000 and up.

Now, the way I understand it, most use generators and are waterless, though the one featured on the Bill Nye show used about 1/2 liter compared to 7 or 8 liters we now use. They claim to have less odor due to some built in feature.

Then, it takes your waste and turns into a dry, soil enriching substance that we can use in our gardens. The other good news is that you only have to empty a few times a year.

I know that I would love to get one but will probably wait until I can build my dream green home, so it may be awhile, but hopefully not too long.

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