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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 411 on Cardboard

Did you know that you should not burn cardboard? Truth be told, I didn't. Mind you I never thought about it because I don't burn. Still, I wouldn't have thought that it was bad for the environment. Turns out I would be wrong. Apparently, burning cardboard and paper is prohibited most places because it releases particle matter into the air that can be very harmful to ingest. Wow, news to me, but glad to know it. Thought I'd pass it on for those of us in oblivion.

While looking up facts on cardboard, I came across this unique article. It talks about building domes out of cardboard that can be waterproofed to provide shelter. If anything, I'm thinking this looks like a fun playhouse idea. Of course, it could be expanded into a castle or whatever. You just need time, imagination and cardboard!

Here are some plans I found on building a cardboard castle from Mr. McGroovy. See more in-depth customizations here. Mr. McGroovy gives instructions for all kinds of things, like the pirate ship below, using guessed it...cardboard. Here's a list of his how to's. also has great ideas on castles, forts, igloos, you name it. Actually you can just buy the items here, but I'm posting it more for inspiration purposes.

Find even more inspiration on costumes and such here, @ Family Crafts.

Surprisingly there are tons of cool sites out there. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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