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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Detergent Lids & recycled art

You might have read the idea I found on-line about a cool light made out of laundry detergent caps. Well, has tons of other uses for them as well. I saw chimes and planters. Someone suggested putting them in the dishwasher then using them for cups to rinse after you brush your teeth.

This person used the lids as a base to make cupcakes that could easily be used as pin cushions for sewing.

If all else fails, get together some odds and ends, things you can't think of what to do with and let your kids make masks.

In fact, art is a great way to recycle anything. Just check out They make things out of old tapestries. The catalogue is really quite neat. If nothing else, it might get your creative juices going.

Another artist I saw here, in KC, at the contemporary art museum, is Chakaia Booker. She sculpts things out of tires.

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