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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Green Crafter Book Review

I recently picked up The Green Crafter: 52 Eco Friendly Projects for Every Week of the Year at the library. It features projects like a sock monkey, a sun pinata, sand toys, a kite, etc.

Frankly, and I think this is because I look at so many crafts, I wasn't too impressed. While I like the idea of making things from what could be considered trash, I prefer that they no longer resemble what they were originally. I mean to cut up a milk carton with a yogurt cup in back can be a fun project, but I don't want that sitting around as a permanent fixture in my house. I'm just being honest.

There were some good projects like the sewing and the jewelry items shown, so it wasn't all bad. I just don't think I would buy the book, personally.

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