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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Halloween For Green Crafters

I've been looking up Halloween crafts that can be made from things most of us crafters already have or even things that you wouldn't typically think of as being a craft item.

Here are some examples:

Pom Pom Spider Cutouts - Who doesn't have some pom poms lying around? If not, then I would think these could easily be made out of numerous odds and ends around the house.

Candy Corn Family-Ok, I don't like that they're made into people; but using Styrofoam to make candy corn, I do like that. I'm just gonna have to figure something else to make from them...maybe if they had scary faces or something.

Pumpkin Luminaries from pop bottles-I don't know that the instructions are "green" but I'm sure they can be made in a eco friendly way.

I also found some links for ghost luminaries, monster jug heads, and even more eerie luminaries

Grocery Bag Ghosts

Garbage Bag Spiders

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