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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dad Can Do: Green Crafts

I recently did a post on my blog, RnR Reviews about a new site I found, Dad Can Do, that I'm loving! There are crafts and recipes and printables, all kinds of stuff you can do with your kids. I'm talking really cool stuff and not your everyday kindergarten crafts that I find most places. What's even cooler is that the site has a lot of green crafts.

Ratchet's Spaceship from shower gel bottles

Micro Tin Cans made from felt pen lids. Yes, you're reading it right, these cans are made from marker lids. These are perfect for doll house type settings or throw a few in a boy's action figure army fort. Now that's original.

Cardboard Crossbow that shoots drinking straw darts. I'm thinking this is more for the dads than the kids but hey, that's okay.

Space Vase from two plastic bottles. Okay, so if the last one was for the dads, here's something for the moms.

I'm sure you get the idea. Check out the site, it has tons more ideas that are seriously worth checking out. Ladies, if you don't like it, show your men, they'll love it. I know mine does.

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