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Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Your Kitchen, From Your Kitchen Crafts

Gift Tin via Pop Can from Crafts On A Whim. I tend to shy away from working with tin because I don't like the idea of sharp edges and gifts. Something about that just seems like a bad idea, but this looks pretty fool proof. You actually go in through the bottom of the can so that the recipient can still pop the top and voila... gift!

Oilcloth lunch bag-I've seen a few of these, but I thought this tutorial from Tumbling Blocks was a good one.

Dabbled has an interesting alternative (left) that I also liked for a Reusable Sandwich Bag.

PIZZA BOX IDEA FILES from Giver's Log. I thought these would be good for scrapbooking being that they are large. I often start several projects at once, then set them aside for when I have time to finish. This could be a good way to keep them in one place. Of course, the boxes would have to be clean to do so.

Some people bring their own produce bags instead of using the plastic ones provided for you. I don't know the best place to buy them, but if you google it, they're easy to find. I did, however, find a post on how to make one of your own.

Kelly Georgette gives a great tutorial on how to make a soap dispenser from a mason jar--very cool!

Cardboard Drink HotPad/ Coasters from EvaForeva. I have seen coasters made from magazines but this is a different spin.

Coffee filter garland- I'm not sure what I could use this for, but I'm feeling like I want to make this in the future, for a party or something.

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