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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Calculate your carbon impact

Gor here to calculate your carbon impact. I did this and came up with a score of roughly 8.45. Apparently the average is 7.5. That doesn’t make me feel great but it’s not too bad.

As it is, my husband and I have 1 car (by choice) with good gas mileage. We are presently talking about replacing it with a hybrid, of course. Also, my husband has just started a carpool sign up sheet at his work. Hopefully, that will allow him to find someone in our area that he can ride in with.

Another thing that I’m sure hurt our score is our gas bill. We have an older home but we’re working on weatherproofing it. I covered the windows this year as well as the door jams. One thing I haven’t done is to buy a water heater blanket, which I keep meaning to do but just haven’t. It is one thing of many though. I’ll keep you updated the more progress I make.
Lastly, my husband and I take a lot of road trips, occasionally flying when we need to. Traveling is a great love of ours and isn’t something we can cut out. However, I will try and find out if it better to travel by car than plane.

They do provide a list of things you can do to decrease the number on their site.

Some things I already do is to:

  • keep our thermostat at a reasonable temp.
  • We wash & rinse in cold
The other things are things I will be working on from now on.

When I took this eco footprint quiz, I got a 38 (eco-apprentice). I felt pretty good about it.

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