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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

my husband and I take a lot of road trips, occasionally flying when we need to.
Traveling is a great love of ours and isn’t something we can cut out. However, I
will try and find out if it better to travel by car than plane.
I've been trying to find out what is the best way to travel, plane or car, and I came across these sites: & about eco-friendly travel. I haven't used these sites so can't vouch for their validity, but thought they looked interesting.

Another article I read by Parade, said that trains actually use 1/5 "less energy than cars or planes". I know my husband and I voted to have a railway put in here, in Kansas City, but it didn't pass. Riding a train long distances is definitely something I'd consider if it were the best way to go.

I'm just glad to see that there is so much information out there on the topic. That means people are thinking about it and that's the first step. I plan on reading more on the topic and keeping you updated, of course.

The problem, however, becomes that there is so much information on the net that you no longer know what to believe. For instance, this British article says that walking is worse for the planet than driving. It's crazy!

On a different note, I have heard that it's important to buy locally so that we don't pollute the earth with unnecassary delivery flights from foreign countries. That makes sense to me. Putting it in to practice, however, has proven to be difficult. Still working on it though.

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Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Yes, you are quite right, it is crazy as the author of the article forgets the fact that their is a huge amount of pollution caused by simply getting the oil out of the ground, transporting it, refining it from its crude state and then having a tanker deliver it to the garage for you to fill up with.

Factor in all the journeys made by the employees concerned to the above energy used and associated pollution then you have the true figure!

Yes it's crazy... It's a point of view that sells articles and books though because people want to believe that there is no problem ... but there is!