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Friday, April 10, 2009

Recycled: good or bad? You decide

I found some recycled crafts I can't decide if they're good or just gaudy. Still, I'll post it and you can decide.

EGG TREES made from body scrunchies or puffs. Now, these don't have to be used, but it could be. Just throw it in the wash before using it.

Gargoyles made from carry out coffee trays

Puzzle piece frame made from bits and pieces. I know that any parent has some puzzles without all the pieces. You could also use game pieces

There are tons of egg carton crafts here and here. I thought this school bus was a good one. They also have instructions for bird feeders, the game Mancala, and craft storage, etc.

Build a whirligig with shoeboxes and coat hangers. Not really gaudy, but I found it along the way and thought I'd post it.

Bracelets made from old toothbrushes, now these I like. I could imagine you could drill holes for charms or hot glue embellishments and things to jazz `em up.

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