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Friday, February 27, 2009

New sites & various recycled crafts

Well, I finally got my copy of Green Christmas from the library. Extremely late, but it turned out okay because I didn't love the books ideas. Some of the tips were too green for my liking. I mean I'm not going to cut out Christmas to go green and I don't think you have to. Mind you the book doesn't say that, but after so many extreme tips, you begin to feel like it's implied.

The most useful tips I got from it were actually web sites I had not heard of, like Crafting A Green World. I have only begun looking over this site, but I've already found some great stuff.

I especially liked the rag pillows and Brown Paper Bag Recipe Cards.

Another site I learned about is closely related to a post I did on cardboard crafts. It's called Fold School, love the name by the way. It has some directions on building what is supposed to be stable cardboard furniture. It's not the biggest selection, but for someone with a lot of cardboard and time on their hands, it could be fun. I'd add some fabric or paint to it if it were me. Let me know if you try it and I'll do the same. As it is right now, all my boxes are going toward packing.

From Crafting A Green World, I found some other great sites on their blogroll. Again, I know it's late but I just had to post about these glittery recycled bulbs I found on Craft Chi. How awesome are they? Not to mention these cool fabric masks. I can tell I'll have to re-visit this site often.

There's also instructions on making this very handy pencil case out of mailing tubes, a bag made from a printed sweater and a jewel case pen holder below.

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